Power Management and System Basis ICs

ST provides a large selection of Power Management ICs and System Basis Chips (SBC) specifically designed for automotive electronic systems. 

In addition to infotainment systems, instrumentation clusters, and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), these highly versatile devices are tailored for USB hubs, Seat, HVAC, Roof, Trunk and Door modules as well as various electronics control units (ECU) and gateways.

Key features:

  • Linear and switching voltage regulators
  • Physical LIN and CAN transceivers
  • High-side switches
  • Diagnostic and protection
  • Voltage monitors
  • Dedicated control bus (I2C or SPI)
  • Rail sequencing for safety applications
  • Fail-safe outputs
  • Wake-up inputs
  • All products AEC-Q100 qualified

To improve system integration, our L99PM62GXP power management IC offers five high-side drivers, two low-side drivers and two op amps as well as LIN and HS CAN physical communication layers. Designers can also take advantage of its standard SPI interface useful for device control and diagnostics as well as for the development of generic software.

Automotive engineers working on ASIL-compliant applications will especially appreciate our L5965 multiple power management IC for automotive vision and radar systems.

To help developers find the best solution for their applications, ST offers Automotive IC evaluation boards with intuitive graphical user interfaces to reduce design time and costs.