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Rear view camera

Specifically designed for the purpose of being placed to the rear of a vehicle, Rear View Cameras have witnessed a relevant spread from premium to economy vehicles, being today a valid support for the driver in backing up, avoiding accidental collisions and alleviate the rear blind spot.

Image capturing and processing solution

ST’s portfolio for Rear View Camera applications include state-of-the-art HDR image sensors VG6640 and a versatile image signal processor (ISP) that provides excellent flicker-free image quality at HD resolution. Real time processing eliminates the need for costly external memory.

Dedicated functions are available for fish-eye correction, detection of moving objects, trajectory and obstacle overlays, H264 or JPEG compression and a variety of interfaces including Ethernet.

Configurable power management solution

For power management, L5965 is ST first choice for ADAS cameras, being specifically designed to have a flexible and configurable power scheme and to support applications that need compliancy to Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL) requirements.