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Specifically designed for the purpose of being placed to the rear of a vehicle, Rear View Cameras have witnessed a relevant spread from premium to economy vehicles, being today a valid support for the driver in backing up, avoiding accidental collisions and alleviate the rear blind spot.

ST’s portfolio for Rear View Camera applications include state-of-the-art HDR image sensors VG6640 and a versatile image signal processor (ISP) STV0991 that provides excellent flicker-free image quality at HD resolution. Real time processing eliminates the need for costly external memory.

Dedicated functions are available for fish-eye correction, detection of moving objects, trajectory and obstacle overlays, H264 or JPEG compression and a variety of interfaces including Ethernet.

For power management, L5965 is ST first choice for ADAS cameras, being specifically designed to have a flexible and configurable power scheme and to support applications that need compliancy to Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL) requirements.

Rear view camera block diagram

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