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PMSM / BLDC motor control

Despite their different structures, all 3-phase permanent magnet motors (BLDC, PMSM or PMAC) are driven by a PWM-modulated three-phase bridge (three half bridges) so as to supply the motor with variable frequency and amplitude three-phase voltages and currents.

3-phase field oriented control (FOC)

Field-oriented control (FOC), or vector control, is a technique for variable frequency control of the stator in a three phase AC induction motor drive using two orthogonal components. One defines the magnetic flux generated by the stator, while the o
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Our products and solutions

To provide the highest level of design flexibility, ST’s product portfolio includes specific products for both high and low-voltage applications like monolithic drivers ICs, power MOSFETs, IGBTs, gate drivers, power modules and dedicated microcontrollers to address a broad range of motor control applications.