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High-performance class-G stereo headphone amplifier

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The A22H165 is a class-G stereo headphone driver dedicated to high-performance audio, high power efficiency and space-constrained applications. It is based on the core technology of a low power dissipation amplifier combined with a high efficiency step-down DC-DC converter for supplying this amplifier. When powered by a battery, the internal step down DC-DC converter generates the appropriate voltage to the amplifier depending on the amplitude of the audio signal to supply the headsets. It achieves a total 2.1 mA current consumption at 100 μW output power (10 dB crest factor). THD+N is 0.02 % maximum at 1 kHz and PSRR is 100 dB at 217 Hz, which ensures a high audio quality of the device in a wide range of environments. The traditionally bulky output coupling capacitors can be removed. A dedicated common-mode sense pin removes parasitic ground noise. The A22H165 is designed to be used with an output serial resistor. It ensures unconditional stability over a wide range of capacitive loads. The A22H165 is packaged in a tiny 16-bump flip-chip package with a pitch of 400 μm.

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    • Power supply range: 2.3 V to 4.8 V
    • 0.6 mA/channel quiescent current
    • 2.1 mA current consumption with 100 μW/channel (10 dB crest factor)
    • 0.006% typical THD+N at 1 kHz
    • 100 dB typical PSRR at 217 Hz
    • 100 dB of SNR A-weighted at G = 0 dB
    • Zero "pop and click"
    • Gain settings: 0 dB and 6 dB
    • Integrated high efficiency step-down converter
    • Low standby current: 5 μA max
    • Output-coupling capacitors removed
    • Thermal shutdown
    • Flip-chip package: 1.65 mm x 1.65 mm, 400 μm pitch, 16 bumps

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