High Side Switches

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The ST VIPower family of automotive-qualified high-side switches feature state-of-the-art embedded control functions and a new protection mechanism for all load types and power ratings.

These switches are ideal for car systems such as junction boxes, interior/exterior lighting, and DC motor driving, as well as any application requiring a protected 12 V battery line.

High-side switches can safely drive high currents for complex (resistive, inductive, and capacitive) grounded loads according to stringent automotive demands, which require robust, low on-resistance power switches and accurate analog circuitry for diagnostic, protection, and control functions.


VIPower products simplify system designs and improve safety in various automotive applications such as body and convenience, power distribution, chassis and safety, electromobility, and more.

Product types

The M0-9 high-side driver devices are manufactured using proprietary VIPower technology and housed in a PowerSSO-16 package with full pin-to-pin compatibility with M0-7 devices.

The M0-9 family complements the product portfolio with single-, dual-, and quad-channel products featuring excellent current sensing precision and extremely low voltage capability for deep cold cranking applications (compliant with LV124, revision 2013). The devices integrate advanced protective functions such as load current limitation, active overload management through power limitation, and overtemperature shutdown with configurable latch-off. These fully protected high-side switches have an RDS(ON) from 4 to 80 mΩ.

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  • Full pin-to-pin and software compatibility
  • Advanced protective functions
  • Module and wire harness weight reduction
  • High power density