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16-bit MCU with 256 Kbyte Flash memory and 20 Kbyte RAM

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Product overview


The architecture of the ST10F272M combines advantages of both RISC and CISC processors and an advanced peripheral subsystem. The block diagram gives an overview of the different on-chip components and the high bandwidth internal bus structure of the ST10F272M.

  • All features

    • 16-bit CPU with DSP functions
      • 50ns instruction cycle time at 40 MHz max CPU clock
      • Multiply/accumulate unit (MAC) 16 x 16-bit multiplication, 40-bit accumulator
      • Enhanced boolean bit manipulations
      • Single-cycle context switching support
    • On-chip memories
      • 256 Kbyte Flash memory (32-bit fetch)
      • Single voltage Flash memories with erase/program controller and 100 K erasing/programming cycles.
      • Up to 16 Mbyte linear address space for code and data (5 Mbytes with CAN or I2C)
      • 2 Kbyte internal RAM (IRAM)
      • 18 Kbyte extension RAM (XRAM)
      • Programmable external bus configuration & characteristics for different address ranges
      • 5 programmable chip-select signals
      • Hold-acknowledge bus arbitration support
    • Interrupt
      • 8-channel peripheral event controller for single cycle interrupt driven data transfer
      • 16-priority-level interrupt system with 56 sources, sampling rate down to 25 ns
    • Timers
      • 2 multi-functional general purpose timer units with 5 timers
    • Two 16-channel capture/compare units
    • Serial channels
      • 2 synch./asynch. serial channels
      • 2 high-speed synchronous channels
      • One I2C standard interface
    • 24-channel A/D converter
      • 16-channel 10-bit, accuracy ± 2 LSB
      • 8-channel 10-bit, accuracy ± 5 LSB
      • 4.85 μs minimum conversion time
    • 4-channel PWM unit + 4-channel XPWM
    • 2 CAN 2.0B interfaces operating on 1 or 2 CAN busses (64 or 2x32 message, C-CAN version)
    • Fail-safe protection
      • Programmable watchdog timer
      • Oscillator watchdog
    • On-chip bootstrap loader
    • Clock generation
      • On-chip PLL with 4 to 8 MHz oscillator
      • Direct or prescaled clock input
    • Real-time clock and 32 kHz on-chip oscillator
    • Up to 111 general purpose I/O lines
      • Individually programmable as input, output or special function
      • Programmable threshold (hysteresis)
    • Idle, power-down and stand-by modes
    • Single voltage supply: 5 V ± 10 % (embedded regulator for 1.8 V core supply)
    • Temperature range: -40 to +125 °C

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STMicroelectronics - ST10F272M

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