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Antenna Matching Tool for ST25R NFC/HF reader family

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Product overview


STSW-ST25R004 contains a graphical user interface (GUI) to specify the antenna parameters and the target matching. It performs transient, AC, and S-parameter simulations of the calculated antenna schematic.

An online version of the tool is available at This is part of the ST eDesignSuite, an easy-to-use comprehensive software, helping customers during their design.

AN4974, AN5276, and AN6065 (available on provide guidance on the measurement of the antenna parameters required as input for this matching tool. With these inputs the best matching circuit can be defined.

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    • STSW-ST25R004 is a software that calculates the matching network for antennas connected to ST25R NFC/HF readers, using Qucs (Quite Universal Circuit Simulator) to simulate the antenna and the matching network characteristics
    • The software supports the following products:
      • ST25R3911B
      • ST25R3912
      • ST25R3914
      • ST25R3915
      • ST25R3916 / ST25R3916B
      • ST25R3917 / ST25R3917B
      • ST25R3918
      • ST25R3919B
      • ST25R3920 / ST25R3920B
      • ST25R100 / ST25R200

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