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STM32 Middleware for Sigfox Connectivity

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Product overview


The Sigfox-MW STM32Cube middleware embeds the Sigfox™ protocol stack. It performs the usual features of the communication protocol such as packet formatting, medium access control (packet scheduling in time and frequency), cryptographic functions, and the signal processing of the Sigfox™ Monarch algorithm.

Also, Sigfox-MW embeds the optional RF and protocol test library. The library is hardware independent and requires low-level interface such as EEPROM, radio, timers, and AES algorithm.

  • All features

    • RC1, RC2, RC3, RC4, RC5, RC6, and RC7 Sigfox Verified™ radio configurations
    • Sigfox™ Monarch (STMicroelectronics algorithm patented)
    • Sigfox™ RF protocol and RF AddOn test library

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