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The SPEAr310 is a member of the SPEAr family of embedded MPUs, optimized for telecom applications. It is based on the powerful ARM926EJ-S processor (up to 333 MHz), widely used in applications where high computation performance is required.

In addition, SPEAr310 has an MMU that allows virtual memory management -- making the system compliant with advanced operating systems, like Linux. It also offers 16 KB of data cache, 16 KB of instruction cache, JTAG and ETM (embedded trace macro-cell) for debug operations.

A full set of peripherals allows the system to be used in many applications, some typical applications being routers, switches and gateways as well as remote apparatus control and metering concentrators.

  • All features

    • SecurityC3 Cryptographic accelerator
    • Connectivity2 x USB 2.0 HostUSB 2.0 Device1 x fast Ethernet MII port4 x fast Ethernet SMII ports1 x SSP Synchronous serial peripheral (SPI, Microwire or TI protocol) with 4 chip selects1 x I2C1 x fast IrDA interface6 x UART interface1x TDM/E1 HDLC interface with 128/32 timeslots per frame respectively2x RS485 HDLC ports
    • ARM926EJ-S 333 MHz core
    • Dynamic power-saving features
    • High-performance 8-channel DMA
    • Memory:32 KB ROM and 8 KB internal SRAMLPDDR-333/DDR2-666 external memory interfaceSerial Flash Memory interface (SMI)Flexible static memory controller (FSMC) up to 16-bit data bus width, supporting NAND FlashExternal memory interface (EMI) up to 32- bit data bus width, supporting NOR Flash and FPGAs
    • Miscellaneous functionsIntegrated real time clock, watchdog, and system controller8-channel 10-bit ADC, 1 MspsJPEG CODEC acceleratorSix 16-bit general purpose timers with programmable prescaler, 4 capture inputsUp to 102 GPIOs with interrupt capability
    • Configurable peripheral functions multiplexed on 102 shared I/Os

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