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Product overview


The ST72681 is a USB 2.0 high-speed Flash drive controller. The USB 2.0 high-speed interface including PHY and function supports USB 2.0 mass storage device class. The mass storage controller interface (MSCI) combined with the Reed-Solomon encoder/decoder on-the-fly correction (4-byte on 512-byte data blocks) provides a flexible, high transfer rate solution for interfacing a wide of range NAND Flash memory device types.
The internal 60 MHz PLL driven by the 12 MHz oscillator is used to generate the 480 MHz frequency for the USB 2.0 PHY.
The ST7 8-bit CPU runs the application program from the internal ROM and RAM. USB data and patch code are stored in internal RAM.
I/O ports provide functions for EEPROM connection, LEDs and write protect switch control.
The internal 3.3 to 1.8 V voltage regulator provides the 1.8 V supply voltage to the digital part of the circuit.
  • All features

    • Production tool device configurability:USB vendor ID/product ID (VID/PID), serial number and USB strings with foreign language supportSCSI stringsOne or two LED outputsAdjustable NAND Flash bus frequency to reach highest performance
    • Data protectionWrite protect switch controlPublic/private partitions support
    • LQFP48 7x7 ECOPACK® package
    • Code update in the NAND Flash memory
    • Supports Windows (Vista, XP, 2000, ME), Linux and MacOS. Drivers available for Windows 98 SE
    • Development supportComplete reference design including schematics, BOM and Gerber files
    • Bootability support (HDD mode)
    • AutoRun CDROM partition support
    • USB 2.0 interface compatible with mass storage device classIntegrated USB 2.0 PHY supporting USB high speed and full speedSuspend and Resume operations
    • Embedded ST7 8-bit MCU
    • Mass storage controller interface (MSCI)Supports 2 KB-page NAND Flash devices including Numonyx, Hynix, Samsung, Toshiba, Micron, RenesasReed-Solomon encoder/decoder on-the-fly correction (4 bytes of a 512-byte block)Flash identification supportUp to 12 MB/s for read and 8 MB/s for write operations in single channelUp to 4 NAND Flash supported per channel
    • USB 2.0 low-power device compliantLess than 100 mA during write operation with two NAND Flash devicesLess than 500 μA in suspend mode
    • Clock managementIntegrated PLL for generating core+USB 2.0 clocks from external 12 MHz crystal
    • Supply management3.3 V operationIntegrated 3.3-1.8 V voltage regulator

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STMicroelectronics - ST72681

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