STM32F446 product line enables high performance and rich connectivity into a highly integrated and energy efficient product, starting from 256K Flash.

It leverages ST’s proprietary ART Accelerator™, smart architecture, advanced Flash technology and its embedded ARM Cortex-M4 core to achieve leading performance of 225 DMIPS and 608 CoreMark®  at 180MHz executing from embedded Flash.

Efficient simultaneous communication via multiple interfaces enables smarter and more interactive industrial, scientific, medical, and Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications, while the advanced process technology, together with dynamic voltage scaling, extensive clock gating and flexible sleep modes allow for significant power savings.

  • Performance: At 180 MHz, the STM32F446 delivers 225 DMIPS/608 CoreMark performance executing from Flash memory, with 0-wait states thanks to ST’s ART Accelerator. The DSP instructions and the floating point unit enlarge the range of addressable applications.
  • Power efficiency: ST’s 90 nm process, ART Accelerator and the dynamic power scaling enables the current consumption in run mode and executing from Flash memory to be as low as 200 µA/MHz at 180 MHz. In Stop mode, the power consumption is 50 µA typical.
  • Integration:
    • 2 dedicated audio PLL, SPDIF input, 3 half duplex I²S , and 2 serial audio interfaces (SAI) supporting full duplex I²S as well as time division multiplex (TDM) mode.
    • Up to 20 communication interfaces (including 4x USARTs plus 2x UARTs running at up to 11.25 Mbit/s, 4x SPI running at up to 45 Mbit/s, 3x I²C with a new optional digital filter capability, 2x CAN, SDIO, HDMI CEC and camera interface)
    • Two 12-bit DACs, three 12-bit ADCs reaching 2.4 MSPS or 7.2 MSPS in interleaved mode Up to 17 timers: 16- and 32-bit running at up to 180 MHz 
    • Easily extendable memory range using the flexible 90 MHz memory controller with a 32-bit parallel interface, and supporting Compact Flash, SRAM, PSRAM, NOR, NAND and SDRAM memories 
    • Cost effective NOR flash extension thanks to the 90MHz Dual quadSPI interface supporting memory mapped mode

The STM32F446 product line provides from 256-Kbyte to 512-Kbyte Flash, 128-Kbyte SRAM and from 64 to 144 pins in packages as small as 3.85 x 3.728 mm.