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The ST25DV-I2C series of dynamic NFC/RFID tags offers a 13.56 MHz long-range interface compatible with NFC phones and readers.

Based on an ISO/IEC 15693 and NFC Forum Type 5 tag, ST25DV tag ICs can be operated from an RFID reader or an NFC phone. They also include an I²C interface that lets them connect to a host (MCU, MPU, etc.).

These tags feature an innovative fast transfer mode between an embedded host and an NFC phone or reader thanks to their half-duplex 256-byte buffer.

ST25DV-I2C dynamic NFC/RFID tags can be used in a wide variety of applications including consumer electronics, industrial, metering, electronic shelf labels, IoT objects and more.

  • ISO/IEC 15693 and NFC Forum Type 5 tag contactless interface
  • 1-MHz I²C serial interface operating from 1.8 to 5.5 V
  • EEPROM memory density from 4 to 64 Kbits
  • Fast Transfer mode thanks to 256-byte buffer
  • Energy harvesting feature
  • 64-bit password protection
  • GPO interruption pin configurable on multiple RF events
  • Temperature range
        Range 6:
            - From -40 to 85 °C
        Range 8:
            - From -40 to 105 °C (UDFPN8 only)
            - From -40 to 125 °C (SO8N and TSSOP8 only, 105 °C max on RF interface)
  • Simple antenna design, backward compatible with M24LR series

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Antenna Design

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Step 1: Purchase Discovery kit, Nucleo board or Evaluation board

Step 2: Download associated software


Application executable of the "NFC Tap" Android app for ST25 product family


Firmware for ST25DV-DISCOVERY kit


PC software executable for DEMO-CR95HF-A board (UM1084)


Software Development Kit for ST25 Tags and Dynamic Tags

Step 3: Get trained

ST25DV-I2C product presentation