Gallium Nitride (GaN) Power ICs

Integrated Smart GaNs

Gallium nitride (GaN) is revolutionizing the power engineering world by enabling high speed, increased efficiency and higher power density never before possible with silicon MOSFETs. Integrating GaN transistors and gate drivers, our advanced MasterGaN systems-in-package offer high efficiency due to their optimized gate drive layout, high power density and increased switching frequency due to minimal parasitic effects.

STDRIVE® GaN Drivers

The GaN drivers devices are half-bridge gate drivers for enhancement mode GaN FETs or N-channel power MOSFET.

High Voltage GaN Converters

The high voltage power converters is enriched by the introduction of GaN HEMT (high-electron-mobility transistor) technology. The use of a GaN transistor leads to higher power density, higher efficiency, higher switching frequency with consequent smaller and lighter PCB, simplifying the design of SMPS and improving the overall performances.

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