SLLIMM 2nd series

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The SLLIMM™ 2nd series is the latest family of compact, highly efficient, dual-in-line intelligent power modules (IPMs). SLLIMM IPMs belong to our STPOWER family.

Designed using a new internal configuration featuring one high-side and one low-side driver, this series includes improved trench gate field-stop IGBTs and super-junction MOSFETs as switching options.
Complementing our existing SLLIMM series, these IPMs offer additional features, new packaging options, advanced flexibility and reduce power losses. The full-molded and top-side cooling direct bonded copper (DBC) packaging solutions are now available for respectively low-to-medium and high-power applications.

The new SLLIMM 2nd series enables steady power conduction and reduces switching losses as well as electromagnetic interference (EMI), making it ideal for ensuring power efficiency in home appliances such as washing machines, pumps, fans and AC units as well as motor drives working at up to 20 kHz in hard-switching circuitries from 300 W to 3 kW.

NEW: The SLLIMM 2nd series family in DBC package, IGBT and SJ MOSFET based, has been upgraded with enhanced ESD protection option, providing higher reliability and robustness.

The first PNs introduced in the product portfolio are STGIB10CH60TS-LZ and STGIB15CH60TS-LZ, while the extension to all PNs will come soon.