MDmesh M9 series

STPower logoWith the STPOWER MDmesh M9 series, ST sets a benchmark for the 650V/600V super-junction technology combining best-in-class performance with remarkable ease of use. Furthermore, the series will be enlarged introducing the devices with 250V breakdown voltage. The innovative high-voltage super-junction STPOWER MDmesh M9 series delivers the best Figure of Merit (RDS(on)max x Qg) on the market as well as an approximately 30% reduction in on-state resistance compared to the previous technology, enabling designers
to increase the power density and obtain more compact system solutions.



Tailored for both hard- and soft-switching topologies, the MDmesh M9 series is ideal for telecom data-centers and servers, 5G power stations and solar microinverters as well as fast chargers, flat-panel displays and PC SMPS.

Servers application
Telecom data centers application
Telecom data centers
5G Power Stations application
5G Power Stations
Microinverters application
Fast chargers application
Fast chargers


Product types

The MDmesh M9 series offers an improved reduction of maximum drain-source on-resistance compared to the previous technology (MDmesh M5 series) by package type (DPAK, TO-220, TO-247 long leads and PowerFLAT 8x8 HV).

MDmesh M9 versus M5 series



  • Increased power density, lower conduction losses and, more compact solution
  • High efficiency and high switching speed due to low switching power losses
  • Higher robustness and reliability with lower design complexity


Main characteristics

Part number Industry’s best
RDS(on) for 650V
Lowest Qg Higher reverse
diode dv/dt
dv/dt ruggedness
STP65N045M9 45 mΩ in TO-220 80 nC at 400V 50 V/ns at 400 V 120 V/ns at ≤ 400V