STPOWER N-channel MOSFETs > 30 V to 200 V

STripFET low-voltage power MOSFETs deliver high-end performance across a wide range of applications, enabling superior switching and conduction behavior in industrial and automotive systems thanks to the new F8 series.
Covering voltage categories from 30 V to 200 V in small-footprint SMD and standard through-hole packages and implementing 3rd generation trench technology, ST STripFET products are optimized to reduce the electromagnetic interference (EMI) noise and boost overall power efficiency.

  • Faster commutations with controlled voltage peaks
  • Higher immunity to undesired spurious turn-on
  • Improved built-in filtering of output voltage overshoots
  • Reduced conduction losses


STripFET MOSFETs offer major performance benefits in automotive ecosystems, including automotive motor control, body and convenience, chassis and safety, and e-mobility applications with special focus on car electrification.

ST low-voltage MOSFETs are also ideal for communication equipment, computers and peripherals, industrial motor control and personal electronics.

Product types:

STripFET N-channel power MOSFETs are available in the following packages: DPAK, D2PAK, H2PAK, SOT-223, TO-220, TO-220FP, PowerFLAT 2x2, 3.3x3.3 and 5x6. They offer low gate charge and low on-resistance down to 0.75 mΩ (@ 40 V) in a PowerFLAT 5x6 package.

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  • Comprehensive package offer, including standard and consolidated SMD and through-hole packages, different leadless PowerFLAT options, and high-current H2PAK solutions
  • Enhanced reverse body diode performance
  • Reduced sensitivity to Miller effect during transient phases
  • Optimized gate charge for high commutation speeds