Design Win

Cloud connected, edge processing solution for condition based monitoring of industrial motors.

Solution Description

This solution combines ST motion and environmental sensors, the STM32F4 microcontroller (MCU), and STM32MP157 microprocessing unit (MPU) in a condition monitoring and predictive maintenance framework. It connects smart sensor nodes to cloud services such as data lakes and monitoring dashboards.

The smart sensor nodes include selected environmental and vibration sensors, an STM32 MCU, and connectivity interfaces. The nodes are placed on or around industrial machinery to gather temperature, pressure and humidity data from the LPS22HB and HTS221 sensors and vibration data from the IIS3DWB three-axis accelerometer. The STM32 MCU on the same sensor nodes initiates edge processing by converting the vibration signals into frequency and time domain data.

The combined data from up to four sensor nodes are then routed through a concentrator to a gateway with STM32MP157 MPU for further edge processing. This node refines and consolidates all the data before being sent to server- or cloud-based systems for further analysis.

ST provides a predictive maintenance dashboard application to demonstrate how cloud functionality can complete the solution. The dashboard provisions edge gateway nodes running the AWS IoT Greengrass service and AWS IoT core. You can then plot and monitor condition data on the dashboard and configure warning thresholds as part of an end-to-end predictive maintenance solution.

  • Key Product Benefits

    IIS3DWB  vibration sensor

    The IIS3DWB system-in-package features a 3-axis digital vibration sensor with low noise over an ultrawide and flat frequency range. The wide bandwidth, low noise, very stable and repeatable sensitivity, and the extended temperature range make the device ideal for vibration monitoring in industrial applications.

    STM32F4 series microcontrollers

    The STM32F4 series MCU has the digital signal processing capabilities and clock speeds to manage the very high data rates streaming from the vibration and environmental sensors.

    LPS22HB and HTS221 sensors

    The LPSSHB digital pressure and HTS221 relative humidity and temperature sensors complete the data requirements for a comprehensive condition monitoring scenario.

    STM32MP157 microprocessors

    The dual core STM32MP157 MPU on the gateway node offers the processing power to store, process and queue data from multiple edge sensor nodes. The MPU also manages connectivity handshakes and transmission schedules with centralized condition monitoring and predictive maintenance systems.

  • All Features

    • Edge processing of comprehensive vibration monitoring data in terms of speed (RMS), peak acceleration, and FFTs on sensor node.
    • Temperature, humidity and pressure data from ST environmental sensors.
    • Condition monitoring software support demonstrating edge node processing in communication with a cloud application via a secure gateway.
    • End-to-end communication framework allowing condition monitoring platform to develop into a predictive maintenance solution.
    • Cloud dashboard to register and provision devices, configure and assign gateways to device groups, analyze real time and historical data, and set warning thresholds.