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Single-chip enhanced multi-function LCD monitor controller

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Product overview


The STDP8028 IC is an innovative System-on-Chip (SoC) controller designed for multimedia monitors and emerging digital display applications.

This IC provides a complete multimedia LCD monitor solution chassis supporting worldwide video and audio standards where exceptional quality is required.

The STDP8028 proficiently handles video and computer graphics inputs up to WUXGA resolutions. The output port delivers unparalleled image quality and supports display resolutions of up to WUXGA as well. Its rich feature set, high level of integration, and sophisticated implemented technologies for color management, scaling, video processing (Faroudja DCDi Cinema), and audio processing make STDP8028 the ideal answer for a high-quality, cost-effective, integrated multimedia monitor solution.

  • All features

    • Advanced bit-mapped OSD controller
    • On-chip microprocessor
    • Multi-standard digital and analog audio decoder and post-processor
    • Embedded 10-bit dual-channel LVDS for WUXGA panel support
    • Package: 409 HSBGA
    • Advanced Picture-in-Picture (PIP) features capabilities
    • Flexible DDR2 memory interface 32 bits wide
    • Dual 10-bit triple ADCs with capture up to 205 MHz
    • Integrated DisplayPort 1.1 compliant receiver
    • Integrated dual digital inputs supporting HDMI 1.3 receiver
    • Next generation true 10-bit Faroudja DCDi Cinema® format processing
    • Faroudja RealColor® processing
    • Integrated 3D video decoder

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