Artificial intelligence (AI) is a set of hardware and software systems capable of providing computing units with capabilities that, to a human observer, seem to imitate humans’ cognitive abilities.

It uses an assembly of nature-inspired computational methods to approximate complex real-world problems where mathematical or traditional modeling have proven ineffective or inaccurate. Artificial Intelligence uses an approximation of the way the human brain reasons, using inexact and incomplete knowledge to produce actions in an adaptive way, with experience built up over time.

ST has been actively involved in AI research topics, leading to the launch of its latest product in January 2019. The STM32 microcontroller portfolio now allows embedded developers to achieve unprecedented productivity. They can map and run pre-trained Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) thanks to the STM32Cube.AI extension pack, enabling AI on STM32 Arm® Cortex®-M-based MCUs.

AI on the Edge

Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs)  address a variety of problems which occur in everyday life. They can exploit the data provided by sensors present in our environments, homes, offices, cars, factories, and personal items. A widespread model assumes the raw data from sensors are sent to a powerful central remote intelligence (Cloud), thus requiring significant data bandwidth and computational capabilities. That model would lower responsiveness if you consider the processing of audio, video or image files from 100s millions of end devices.

Switching from a centralized to a distributed intelligence system
AI enables much more efficient end-to-end solutions when the analysis done in the cloud is moved closer to the sensing and actions. This distributed approach significantly reduces both the required bandwidth for data transfer and the processing capabilities of cloud servers, leveraging modern computing capabilities at the edge. It also offers user data sovereignty advantages, as personal source data is pre-analyzed and provided to service providers with a higher level of interpretation.

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Artificial Intelligence @ ST


Thanks to ST’s new set of Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions, you can now map and run pre-trained Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) using the broad STM32 microcontroller portfolio.














Advanced sensors, such as theLSM6DSOX (IMU), contain a machine learning core, a Finite State Machine (FSM) and advanced digital functions to provide to the attached STM32 or application central system capability to transition from ultra-low power state to high performant high accuracy AI capabilities for battery operated IoT, gaming, wearable technology and consumer electronics.


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ST Tools for fast AI prototyping Acoustic event recognition powered by STM32Cube.AI Getting started with the FP-AI-SENSING1


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ST-Published papers on Artificial Intelligence

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A New Scalable Architecture to Accelerate Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Low Power IoT Applications Embedded World 2018 – Speeches
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Embedded Real-Time Fall Detection with Deep Learning on Wearable Devices; Euromicro DSD/SEAA 2018, August 29 – 31, 2018, Prague | Czech Republic
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Automated generation of Single Shot Detector C library from a high level Deep learning framework, 4th International Forum on Research and Technologies for Society and Industry; Palermo, Italy, September 10-13 2018
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Intelligent Cyber-Physical Systems for Industry 4.0, First IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence for Industries, Sep 26, 2018 - Sep 28, 2018, Laguna Hills, CA
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STM32Cube.AI: AI productivity boosted on STM32 MCU, D Pau, M Durnerin, V D’Alto, M Castro, tinyML Summit. Advances in ultra-low power Machine Learning technologies and applications March 20-21, 2019 Sunnyvale, California

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