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Breakthrough industrial pressure sensing technology
for airtight or waterproof applications

Gas metering
Water metering
CPAP equipment and ventilators
Weather station equipment
Fall detection
Smart filters

Industrial applications traditionally require precise performance, accuracy, flexibility, and stability in harsh environments. They also demand components with an extended longevity commitment supporting industrial equipment in their long-life cycles. While any industrial pressure sensor can contribute to precise performance accuracy and stability in severe conditions, what if an end-use application must be airtight or waterproof?

With an impressive evolution in technology and performance, the latest ST pressure solution represents a breakthrough in the industrial market. It’s the first waterproof industrial-grade pressure sensor, with a 10-year longevity commitment ensuring long-term supply. In this way, it enables new high-volume applications releasing unprecedented experiences both for users and industrial equipment, combining uncompromising standards and superior reliability.

Use cases/applications

Prevent any leakage

Our solution for ultrasonic gas flow meters ensures pressure and temperature (PT) compensation for precise metering accuracy and is able detect leaks or overpressure conditions for additional protection and safety.

Keep your airways open

Monitor patient ventilation parameters to ensure appropriate air/oxygen flow, volume and duration.

Save water and avoid flooding

Measuring water volume and volumetric flow rates is essential for compliance with water conservation incentives as well as detecting leaks to avoid possible flooding.

Let's breathe cleaner air!

Measure and monitor air flow and particle levels in industrial plants to determine filter efficiency and when filters require replacement.

Measure and track environmental conditions

Compute and track detailed weather information including wind speed and direction, relative humidity, barometric pressure and air temperature.

Help will never be late

Detect falls and impacts and sends a man-down alert to first responders even in flooding situations. Ideal for automated lone worker (LW) monitoring systems.

Meet our latest industrial pressure sensor

ILPS28QSW is a liquid-resistantultracompact absolute pressure sensor that functions as a digital output barometer, supporting dual full-scale. It provides lower power consumption, achieving lower pressure noise than its predecessor.

Gel inside the package protects the electrical components from liquid and water, providing a unique industrial sensor with this enhanced feature.

ILPS28QSW embeds an analog hub sensing function that can connect an analog input and convert it to a digital signal for embedded processing. In addition, an embedded Qvar (electric charge variation detection) channel can be enabled for sensing in applications such as water-leak detection, tap, double tap, long press, and swipe gestures.

Key features

Extended temperature
-40 to +105°C
High accuracy and
Water resistant
up to 10 bar
Embedded Qvar sensor

How to get started with ILPS28QSW?

The ST MEMS ecosystem is complete with a ready-to-use MEMS motherboard (STEVAL-MKI109V3) development platform designed for use with a wide range of motion and environmental sensor adapter boards as well as a cross-platform GUI for quick and easy setup of the sensors and advanced features.


The Professional MEMS tool board STEVAL-MKI109V3 lets you monitor the sensor behavior with adapters.

  1. Choose the adapter:
  2. Download the software:


The STM32 Open Development Environment offers an open, flexible, and easy way to develop MEMS-based applications by combining STM32 microcontrollers with MEMS sensors and other ST components connected via expansion boards.

  1. STM32 Open Development Environment (ODE):
  2. Download the software


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