Advantages of using SCR thyristors for inrush current limitation in AC-DC converters

ST high-temperature SCRs offer major performance advantages over electromechanical relays in industrial applications demanding inrush current control at startup, efficient power conversion up to 1 kW, and strong immunity to EMI.

ST 16 A 800 V SCRs stand out for their thermal performance in compact D2PAK SMD, TO-220AB, and TO-220I packages, and an operating junction temperature of up to 150°C. These devices are ideal for high power density applications, such as server SMPS, 5G power supplies, and consumer SMPS, effectively controlling inrush current during power-up and ensuring efficient operation.

This TN1605H-8x series helps designers simplify circuit designs, enhance thermal efficiency, and implement high-end reliability through robust immunity to external disturbances. Features include 500 V/μs noise immunity, 100 A/µs turn-on current rise, and 8 mA gate triggering current for compact and reliable control circuits in AC-DC converters, overvoltage crowbar protection, motor control circuits, and power tools.




16 A 800 V High Temperature SCR in
TO-220AB-I package



16 A 800 V High Temperature SCR in

Key features

  • 16 A RMS current ratings
  • 160 A surge current rating
  • 800 V maximum blocking voltage at 150°C
  • 900V peak nonrepetitive voltage
  • Operating junction temperature range -40 to +150°C at 800 V




  • Gate triggering current: 8 mA
  • 500 V/µs voltage rise rate (dV/dt) at 150°C
  • Available now in D2PAK, TO-220AB, TO-220I packages, and soon in DPAK.

Application examples

Air conditioning
Vacuum cleaner
Electric vehicle
Washing machine

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TN1605H-8x RTM 800 V high temperature SCRs
Product presentation

With its high voltage and noise immunity of 500 V/μs, a turn-on current rise of 100 A/µs and a gate triggering current of 8 mA, it is easy to design a robust and compact control circuit in AC/DC converters for inrush current limiting circuits and industrial drives, such as overvoltage.

STEVAL-SCR002V1: Inrush current limiter for active AC-DC bridge rectifier
Solution evaluation tools

The STEVAL-SCR002V1 introduces a simple and innovative AC-DC front-end circuit that allows the designer to perform an inrush current limitation in any converter with input rectifier bridge topologies. Based on a discrete control circuit made of one Z0110MN SMD triac and two STTH110A diodes, it offers a compact and non-insulated high voltage driver for the mains SCR.

The drive circuit synchronizes the SCR gate signals with the AC line polarity and powers directly the SCR gate from the mains. This operation does not generate reverse losses in the SCRs. This STEVAL-SCR002V1 solid-state solution provides a high reliability, a long service lifetime, an electromagnetic interference reduction, and a faster response compared to electromechanical solutions.


How to design immune and robust AC-DC converters with high-temperature SCR thyristors

Reliable solution for replacing mechanical switch in AC-DC converter

Experience new application potential by migrating from electromechanical relays to SCRs for major design and performance benefits, including higher power efficiency, increased power density, extended lifetime, enhanced robustness to EMI, and noise-free operation.


How to design robust AC-DC rectifier bridge circuits topologies

Implement better digital inrush current limitation with ST high temperature SCRs to boost overall system efficiency and eliminate the acoustic noise and switch aging in any AC-DC rectifier bridge.

ST high-temperature SCR allow you to:

  • Build versatile AC-DC rectifier bridges for efficient power conversion in a wide range of high-end industrial applications
  • Enhance system reliability and longevity by eliminating switch aging
  • Design cutting-edge solutions in industrial automation, power distribution, and other markets and industries



Example of the TN1605H-8x challenge in 1 kW conversion