New highly integrated microcontroller

with advanced graphics capabilities

Design smartphone-like UIs using an STM32U5 MCU

With up to 4Mbytes of flash memory, and 2.5 Mbytes of SRAM, the STM32U599/5A9 lets you create and run complex UIs on a microcontroller. It provides greater integration, reducing the need for external components.


Industry 4.0


Smart homes

Home appliances


On-demand webinar broadcasted June 6th, 2023

STM32 with NeoChrom GPU: enabling smartphone-like graphics on MCUs
Easily enhance GUI features on STM32U599 MCUs with ST's advanced NeoChrom GPU. Learn how with hands-on demos. Get support and find answers to your questions.

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Key benefits

  • run a complete MPU-like graphical user interface on a simple microcontroller
  • keep two frame buffers inside the MCU (2.5 Mbytes of SRAM)
  • address small applications thanks to 100- to 216-pin packages (LQFP 100, LQFP 144, BGA144 and more)
  • protect user data thanks to an additional encryption accelerator engine (AES, PKA, and OTFDEC).

TouchGFX GUI Software now supports the NeoChrom GPU 2.5D accelerator to help with scalability and animations. This new processing unit optimize animations such as flips, spins, scaling and more, vastly increasing the number of frames per second.

Smoother & richer graphics with NeoChrom GPU

Today, STM32U599/5A9 lines are the first MCUs to embed the Neochrom GPU accelerator, offering hardware optimizations specific to STM32 MCUs.

STM32U5A9J-DK, Discovery kit for graphics

Easily prototype your applications with state-of-the-art energy efficiency. Stunning and optimized graphics rendering is provided with the support of the 2.5D NeoChrom Accelerator, Chrom-ART Accelerator, and Chrom-GRC™ MMU.

Experience the astonishing performance of an HMI application developed with our ST Authorized Partner Embedded Wizard, on our STM32U5A9 Discovery board.

Our ST Authorized Partner introduced the 5-inch display module based on the brand new STM32U5 microcontroller with best-in-class performance, ultralow-power efficiency, graphics accelerator, multiple interfaces and advanced security.