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Today's consumers are increasingly looking for more sustainable and eco-friendly appliances, especially when considering the purchase of fridges, washing machines and dryers as they use consume fairly large amounts of resources – electricity, water and chemicals. Due to their non-negligible environmental footprint, more and more international, national and local initiatives as well as consumer awareness groups are forcing manufacturers to develop innovative energy-saving solutions for their products.

On the other hand, consumers demand more engaging and higher quality user experiences. The massive computational capability given by microcontrollers, together with accurate and multidimensional sensing capabilities and new algorithms, domestic appliances aim for perfection in preserving food as fresh as the first day, wash laundry without damaging your clothes, cook at perfectly stable temperatures and in the shortest time, etc. Moreover, another major concern for consumers is ensuring that appliances benefit from the latest safety features and ensure smooth, noiseless operation.

ST offers a range of motor control devices – including Power MOSFETs, IGBTs and intelligent power modules as well as gate drivers and monolithic motor drivers to suit any kind of motor from stepper to BLDC PMSM. We also have a wide selection of power management ICs including power factor correction and PWM controllers and AC-DC converters, MEMS sensors and time-of-flight long-distance ranging sensors, and connectivity solutions that together with an extensive portfolio of 8-bit STM8 and 32-bit STM32 microcontrollers can help design more energy-efficient, high power density, connected and intelligent appliances.

In addition, we provide a comprehensive set of hardware and software evaluation and development tools to help reduce time to market and development costs. 

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