Multi-Output Controllers and Regulators

The use of multi-output power management ICs reduces component count and optimizes system size while maintaining high performance. ST’s multi-output power management ICs are based on our state-of-the-art power technology allowing best performance and cost-effective solutions.

Integrated LDOs and high efficiency DC-DC converters are optimized to provide excellent transient response and output voltage precision across a wide range of operating conditions.
STPMIC07M, STPMIC06 and STPMIC02 PMIC are specifically designed to support storage applications with integrated protection, regulators and interfaces that are well-suited for a variety of storage system designs.

The STPMIC1 is a high-performance power management IC, fully integrated and optimized for powering designs that require low power consumption and high efficiency for the STM32MP1x microprocessor family of applications processors.

The STPMIC1 integrates both DC/DC converters and LDOs, and it is specifically designed to supply power to the application processor, as well as external system peripherals such as, DDR, flash memories and other system devices.


Product types:


The PM66xx is a complete family of DC-DC regulators and controllers designed to provide advanced power management solutions for the mobile PC market segments (notebooks, netbooks, tablet PCs).


The STPMIC1 is a fully integrated power management IC featuring high efficiency and advanced low power controlled by a host processor via I²C and IO interface.

The STPMIC07M is designed to support consumer SSD applications and is compatible with 5 V and 3.3 V input power distribution systems. It embeds 4 buck converters and three LDOs regulators with output voltage and power management features programmable via I2C interface.

The STPMIC06 is compatible with 12 V and 5 V input power distribution and it integrates 4 buck regulators supporting output regulation from 0.5 V to 5.4 V. The device also features a PMBUS® interface that allows the user to independently configure each regulator and system sequencing.

The STPMIC02 PMIC integrates 5 V and 12 V eFuse and two switching regulators adjustable via I2C, simplifying the design of storage application systems.

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  • Optimized companion PMIC for ST’s STM32MP1 heterogeneous multicore microprocessors family
  • Optimized application footprint
  • BOM Saving
Power Management STPMIC1 product overview presentation