Multi-Output Controllers and Regulators

The PM66xx is a complete family of DC-DC regulators and controllers designed to provide advanced power management solutions for the mobile PC market segments (notebooks, netbooks, tablet PCs).

This family offers specific control techniques to achieve best-in-class efficiency at low load and a variety of technical solutions to fit all application needs: different integration levels with power MOSFETs (PM6641) or without power MOSFETs (PM6680), both PWM and LDO solutions (PM6670S), different voltage ratings to fit specific applications from 5 V up to 36 V.

The PM669x series provides users with the highest flexibility to supply the CPU and GFX of the next-generation IMVP7 platform. The PM661x series is a set of four high-efficiency, synchronous battery chargers offering low component count for space-constrained, multi-chemistry battery charging applications.

The PM66xxA DC-DC buck-controller series provides a wide input voltage range which covers 5 V, 12 V and 24 V buses for industrial applications. The multiple and adjustable output voltages make this product family the ideal choice to meet the power supply needs of FPGA and MCU systems.

All the devices are available in compact VFQFPN packages, ideal for space-saving design requirements.

Power Management STPMIC1 product overview presentation