ST’s monolithic switching regulators offer input-voltage capability up to 61 V, deliver output currents up to 4 A, with high switching frequency.
This broad portfolio of ICs is composed of highly-specialized products to meet every market requirement: HV technology together with high reliability and robustness for industrial and automotive applications, compactness, high efficiency at any load and a high level of performance for consumer and computer products.

These devices embed a full set of protection functions (overcurrent, overvoltage, over-temperature) to increase the MTBF and reduce the number of external components.

There are multiple package options, all offering compactness and high thermal performances to fit different applications.


L7987L and L7987 buck regulators

New 2A (L7987L) and 3A (L7987) switching regulators designed to meet stringent fail safe requirements of industrial 24VDC systems like programmable logic controllers (PLC):

  • Wide input operating voltage (VIN) from 4.5 V to 61 V and 0.8 V to VIN adjustable output voltage to fit a wide variety of application requirements
  • Adjustable switching frequency from 250 kHz to  1.5 MHz and low shut down (11 µA typ) and operating (1 mA typ ) quiescent current for high efficiency
  • Adjustable current limitation and Peak current digital frequency fold-back in short-circuit help reduce strain on the power components
  • Output voltage sequencing and synchronization improve noise reduction when using multiple ICs

An easy-to-use evaluation board (STEVAL-ISA152V1) based on the L7987 regulator is available to help you configure and evaluate application parameters so you can reach higher efficiency, higher power density and lower standby power designs.





Output Power:

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