STM32C0 Series

Your next 8-bit MCU is a 32-bit. It’s called STM32C0. And the series is expanding.

The STM32C0, ST's most affordable 32-bit microcontroller, makes 32-bit capabilities accessible to all developers.

Today, the STM32C0 series offers microcontrollers providing from 16 to 32 Kbytes of flash memory and packages ranging from 8 to 48 pins. In 2024, the STM32C0 will provide microcontrollers with up to 256 Kbytes of flash memory, available in packages with up to 64 pins.

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(*) Suggested Resale Price (USD) of STM32C011J4M6 per 10,000 units, for BUDGETARY USE ONLY.
For quotes please contact your local ST Sales Office or our Distributors

The STM32C0 portfolio at a glance

Why choose the STM32C0 microcontrollers?

STM32 breaks the cost barrier to the 32-bit world. Bridging the gap between 8- or 16-bit microcontrollers and higher performance 32-bit microcontrollers, the STM32C0 provides access to the benefits of STM32 designs.

Powered by the industry-standard Arm® Cortex®-M0+ core running at 48 MHz, the STM32C0 lets developers do more with less.

Cost reduction

  • Starting from $0.24
  • Most cost-effective STM32 MCU
  • Minimum need for external components


  • Proven STM32 quality
  • ST 10-year longevity program
  • IEC 61508 functional safety standard

Small size for easier PCB designs

  • Down to 1.70 x 1.42 mm packages
  • Low thickness and tiny form factors (WLCSP12, UFQFPN, UFQFPN20)
  • Maximum I/O count
  • Only one power supply pair

Room for future upgrades

  • Compatible pinout with STM32G0 for easier migration
  • 1% accuracy internal clock
  • Same technology & IP platform

Discover our product offering

Part number Recommended resale price
for 10,000 units (USD)
STM32C011J4M6 0.24 16 SO8N
STM32C011F4P6 0.31 16 TSSOP20
STM32C011F6P6 0.36 32 TSSOP20
STM32C031K4T6 0.47 16 LQFP32
STM32C031K6T6 0.51 32 LQFP32
STM32C031C6T6 0.56 32 LQFP48
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