STM32G4 Series

STM32G4 Series of mixed-signal MCUs with DSP and FPU instructions

The STM32G4 Series combines a 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M4 core (with FPU and DSP instructions) running at 170 MHz combined with 3 different hardware accelerators: ART Accelerator™, CCM-SRAM routine booster and mathematical accelerators. The STM32G4 Series also offers:

  • Rich advanced analog peripherals (comparator, op-amps, DAC)
  • ADC with hardware oversampling (16-bit resolution)
  • Dual-bank Flash memory with error-correcting code (ECC) (supports in-field firmware upgrades)
  • Securable memory area
  • High-resolution timer version 2
  • USB Type-C interface with Power Delivery including physical layer (PHY)
  • AES hardware encryption

A flexible interconnect matrix allows autonomous communication between peripherals and saves CPU resources and power consumption.

A high degree of compatibility with the STM32F3 Series guarantees outstanding efficiency when designing derivatives of applications at different performance levels.

The STM32G4 Series of mixed-signal microcontrollers consists of:

  • The STM32G4x1 Access line: general-purpose microcontrollers with an entry level set of analog peripherals
  • The STM32G4x3 Performance line: general-purpose microcontrollers with the maximum number of analog peripherals
  • The STM32G4x4 Hi-resolution line with high-resolution timer and complex waveform builder plus event handler (HRTIM) for digital power conversion, such as digital switched-mode power supplies, lighting, welding, solar and wireless charging

Package options are LQPF32/48/64/80/100/128, UFBGA64/100/121, WLCSP48/64/81, UQFN32/48 for devices with 32 up to 512 Kbytes of Flash memory.

Temperature range from -40 to 85° C or from -40 to 125° C.

New Motor Control development packs based on STSPIN drivers, STM32G4 and STM32F3 MCUs
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STM32 Digital Power Ecosystem accelerates
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Explore digital power and motor control with two STM32G4 MCU discovery kits

  • The B-G474E-DPOW1 kit offers a comprehensive platform to easily develop your digital-power applications, leveraging the mathematical hardware accelerator and advanced analog peripherals of the STM32G4 series to build energy-efficient applications. Learn how to use this discovery board during ST Partner Biricha's digital power supply training and take your design one step further! The associated STM32CubeG4 software now includes comprehensive free software libraries and code examples to reduce development effort, time and cost.
  • The small form factor of our motor-control reference design (B-G431B-ESC1) allows you to include it in applications such as drones. This discovery kit for Electronic Speed Control (ESC) helps you to easily implement the STM32G4's features, and is compatible with the X-CUBE-MCSDK motor-control SDK embedded code examples.
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