On-demand Webinar: STM32 Motor Control SDK: new updates to boost your design

Watch this 1-hour webinar to discover the latest updates of the STM32 Motor Control SDK and learn how they can make a difference in your design journey

Recorded in May 2021

ST’s Motor Control Software Development Kit firmware (X-CUBE-MCSDK) comes with several firmware libraries and the STM32 Motor Control Workbench to help users create customized motor control applications, and configure their parameters depending on motor specifications. The SDK is one of the components of the STM32 ecosystem for Motor Control, which also features a web search tool (ST-MC-SUITE) and a wide range of software and hardware development tools.

The Motor Control SDK is based on the STM32Cube software platform and benefits from STM32CubeMX configuration tools for all STM32 embedded peripherals, including necessary middleware. Its latest release includes a new Motor Pilot tool, allowing users to create a customized interface for seamless and accurate firmware monitoring in real time. This allows designers to easily analyze the performance of motor control applications, without requiring additional equipment such as an oscilloscope.

With this webinar, you will understand how to leverage the STM32 ecosystem for Motor Control to build your own solution, and will learn how to benefit from the features included in the new version of the Motor Control SDK, thanks to the demo provided by our experts.


  • Overview of the STM32 Motor Control ecosystem and its key components
  • The new features of the Motor Control SDK version v5.Y and how to use them
  • Demonstration: discover the new Motor Pilot tool and Discontinuous PWM

There is a recorded Q&A session at the end of the webinar where our experts answered questions from the floor.


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Francesco Di Marco, Technical Marketing Manager in ST’s Microcontroller Division (Southern Europe Middle East Asia)

Francesco is a Regional Technical Marketing Manager for ST’s microcontroller portfolio. He has held this role since 2007. Francesco joined STMicroelectronics in 1993, after graduating from the University of Catania with a degree in electrical engineering with a focus on control systems. He is the author of several patents and technical papers.

Ondrej Holy, Motor Control application expert for ST’s Microcontroller Division (EMEA)

Ondrej joined STMicroelectronics in 2014 as an expert in microcontroller applications specialized in Motor Control (firmware libraries for MCUs). He is currently responsible for supporting customers in the EMEA region and drives projects to further enhance ST’s Motor Control Ecosystem across the EMEA region. He works in close collaboration with ST’s Motor Control development teams to create new tools and improve existing ones.