Ultra-low power multi-modulation wireless STM32WL3x microcontrollers

Based on Arm Cortex-M0+ core, sub-GHz radio, and wideband wake-up radio, STM32WL3x microcontrollers support multiple modulations and an IQ interface for custom modulations for even more flexibility.

The STM32WL3 is a highly integrated long-range wireless solution for IoT devices offering a simplified design approach and low power consumption for extended battery life.

Electric meters
    It offers the essential features for wireless IoT devices, including:
  • Contributes to longer battery life: Extends battery life by reducing the power consumption of wireless applications (low power features). Enables 10 years battery life in many applications and the use of energy harvesting.
  • Sub-GHz radio provides full flexibility: Multiple modulations and protocols. Reduces the R&D development effort by using one single platform to support many communication protocols (excluding LoRa).
  • Reduces design complexity: Optimizes the bill of materials (BOM), reducing the end device footprint and design complexity.
Package and Die STM32WL3


Product types:

STM32WL3 provides a dual radio architecture extending the battery life of IoT applications.

  • Ultra-low power Sub-1GHz RX/TX transceiver

The main radio features state-of-the-art low power consumption with a Tx current down to 9 mA at 10 dBm.
Available modulations and an IQ interface can also be used in legacy and proprietary protocols.

Legacy and proprietary protocols

The radio is suitable for systems targeting compliance with radio regulations including but not limited to Europe (ETSI EN 300-220), USA (FCC part 15 and part 90) and the Japan ARIB STD T67, T-108. Frequency coverage from 413-479 MHz and 826-958 MHz supports major sub-GHz ISM bands around the world such as Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Americas.

  • Wake-up radio receiver

The STM32WL3 provides a secondary radio featuring a low power autonomous wake up receiver and achieving down 4 μA current consumption in always on mode.

For greater flexibility, it supports wide frequency bands from 100 MHz – 2.4 GHz.

The STM32WL3x line includes a wide variety of communication features including up to 32 GPIOs. It integrates sensing peripherals, for measurement of fluid flow metering, and an internal LCD segment driver. It is based on a low-power architecture for power consumption optimization, multiple low-power modes to maximize battery life.

The STM32WL3x MCUs also include embedded security hardware functions such as 128 AES hardware encryption and 16-bit TRNG.

Package information and options

Down to 5x5mm
Down to 5x5mm
  • All-in-one
    application processor SoC
Long Range connectivity
Long range connectivity
  • Long-range
    & low power
Full versatility
Full versatility
  • Multi-modulation
    & multi-protocol
Extending battery life
Extending battery life
  • Low power &
    autonomous radio

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STM32WL3 microcontrollers provide designers with flexibility in terms of memory size and pin counts.

Two ECOPACK2® compliant packages are available to address different levels of complexity to ensure a cost-efficient fit for application requirements.

The STM32WL3 in QFN48 package is in high-volume production now. Contact us for samples or more information. Available soon in QFN32 package.