NUCLEO-WL55JC: the development board to quickly boost your LPWAN application design!


Simplified development board to easily prototype end nodes based on LoRaWAN, Sigfox, W-MBus, mioty and many other proprietary protocols

A Nucleo-64 development board, the NUCLEO-WL55JC allows developers to try out new ideas and to quickly create prototypes based on the multi-protocol LPWAN STM32WL MCU.

The telecommunication service provider Orange has selected the board as key connectivity solution in their IoT Journey ecosystem.

Designers using the NUCLEO-WL55JC can also benefit from the Microsoft® Azure RTOS thanks to its associated software expansion package.

Key features

  • Dual core Arm® Cortex®-M4 & M0+ up to 48 MHz
  • 256 Kbytes of Flash and 64 Kbytes of SRAM
  • Ultra-low power Sub-GHz radio
  • Multi-modulation LoRa, (G)SFSK, (G)MSK and BPSK
  • Optimized RF power outputs
  • LoRaWAN and Sigfox stack included for free
  • Embedded STLINK-V3 high-speed debugger
  • Arduino Uno V3 and ST morpho extension connectors

Application examples

metering Metering
home building and city automation Home building and city automation
lighting and controls Lighting and controls
logistics asset tracking Logistics / asset tracking
predictive maintenance Predictive maintenance
smart agriculture Smart agriculture
factory automation Factory automation

Recommended resources


The STM32WL55JC microcontroller is a long-range wireless and ultra-low-power device that integrates both a general-purpose microcontroller and a sub-GHz radio on the same chip.
Built on Arm® Cortex®‐M4 and Cortex®-M0+ cores (single- and dual-core architectures available), the STM32WL55JC microcontroller supports multiple modulations, such as LoRa®, (G)FSK, (G)MSK, BPSK, to ensure flexibility in wireless applications with LoRaWAN®, Sigfox, W-MBUS, mioty® or any other suitable protocol in a fully open way.


The STM32CubeWL MCU Package is composed of the STM32Cube hardware abstraction layer (HAL) and the low-layer (LL) APIs, plus a consistent set of middleware components such as FatFS, STM32 Secure Engine, KMS, mbed Crypto and FreeRTOS™, plus LoRaWAN® and Sigfox™ stacks, and sub-GHz PHY connectivity services.


The X-CUBE-AZRTOS-WL software package brings together essential components that simplify the design of reliable and energy-efficient smart objects. It allows designers to benefit from Azure RTOS pre-certifications for safety and security applications.

whitepaper lora connectivity for condition based and predictive maintenance in smart industry

This white paper explains how LoRaWAN technology and architecture, together with a complementary IoT node design, can support effective condition-based maintenance remotely, and large-scale industrial IoT scenarios.

  • Industrial application scenarios for LoRa
  • Introducing LoRa and LoRaWAN
  • Edge processing strategies for Condition-based Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance
  • LoRa transmission characteristics
  • Application server implementation for condition monitoring
  • Typical application example