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Dual-core, wireless STM32WB MCUs supporting Bluetooth LE 5.2

dual core wireless mcus bluetooth le 5.2

Flexible and ultra-low-power radio, compliant with the Bluetooth® Low Energy SIG specification 5.2

The STM32WB15 is a dual-core, multi-protocol, wireless and ultra-low power microcontroller.

Enriching the wireless STM32WB portfolio, the STM32WB15 MCU is suitable for cost-effective IoT and industrial Bluetooth LE 5.2 applications.

The STM32WB15 offers the benefits of a dual-core MCU in a smaller-sized product, with 320 Kbytes of flash memory and several peripherals like touch sensing. Available in UQFN48 and WLCSP49 packages with up to 37 GPIOs.

Providing advanced design flexibility, STM32WB microcontrollers address a broad spectrum of applications, from high-end devices to cost-sensitive products. Prices for STM32WB MCUs start at $0.85 in high volume.

Key features of STM32WB15

  • Dual-core solution in a single die
  • RF transceiver supporting Bluetooth 5.2 specification
  • RX sensitivity: -95.5 dBm (Bluetooth Low Energy at 1 Mbps)
  • 2x hardware encryption AES maximum 256-bit
  • Integrated balun
  • Integrated capacitive touch controller

Application examples

industrial robot Industrial IoT
asset tracking Asset tracking
wireless sensor nodes Wireless sensor nodes

How to test & prototype with STM32WB15


STM32 Nucleo-64 development board with STM32WB15CC


Simplified development board for Bluetooth 5.2 and touch sensing applications.


Add graphic user interface (GUI) capability to STM32 Nucleo-64 boards.


On-demand Webinar: Bringing BLE 5.2 to wireless industrial devices with new STM32WB MCU

bluetooth 5.2 to wireless industrial devices webinar

Discover the latest addition to the 2.4 GHz wireless, multi-protocol STM32WBx series: the STM32WB15 MCU, tailored for low power and integrated Bluetooth Low Energy applications.

Webinar overview
  • About the STM32WB series value proposition
  • What the dual-core architecture of the STM32WB15 MCU can bring to your design
  • About the features and benefits of the STM32WB15 MCU
  • How the ecosystem and wireless stacks can speed up your development phases
  • How to set up and perform a fast Firmware Upgrade Over the Air thanks to the STM32 BLE toolbox for Android
  • How to monitor power consumption in real-time thanks to the STM32 Power Shield and the STM32CubeMonitorPwr

On-demand webinar: Bluetooth mesh and Zigbee mesh networks on STM32WB MCUs

webinar bluetooth le and zigbee mesh networks on stm32wb mcus

Learn how to develop a Bluetooth Mesh and Zigbee Mesh or just one Mesh solution with the STM32WB MCUs.

Webinar overview
  • Introduction to ST’s Bluetooth LE offering
  • Key value proposition of the STM32WB
  • Security on the STM32WB
  • STM32WB module and discovery board details
  • STM32 Cube ecosystem for the STM32WB, STM32CubeMX, STM32CubeMonitorRF, STM32CubeIDE, STM32CubeProgrammer
  • STM32WB online video demos, links and where to find learning content
  • Bluetooth Mesh networking on the STM32WB
  • Demo of Bluetooth Mesh on the STM32WB discovery kit
  • Zigbee Mesh networking on the STM32WB
  • Demo of the Zigbee mesh demo on one of the STM32WB Nucleo boards