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Secure Solutions for Automotive

Secure elements and embedded SIMs in connected vehicles are developed to ensure the key functions that permits to fight against service and network access corruption, device cloning and counterfeiting & data eavesdropping and corruption. They cover V2X & Cellular V2X Connectivity (eCall, Diagnostics, SW upgrade, payment & internet services, ADAS), in-car security communication & platform integrity and user data storage to prevent physical and cyber attacks, to guarantee passenger safety, vehicle behavior and data privacy.

To address these challenges, ST has designed the ST33G1M2A secure microcontroller based on ARM® SecurCore® SC300 32-bit RISC core, ensuring high-quality security solutions for Automotive-grade applications. With AEC-Q100 certification, the ST33G1M2A provides a robust and reliable product.

ST33 Automotive Secure Element Solutions

ST proposes 2 different offers. The ST33-A TPM solution, based on ST33G1M2A and embedding the last generation of TPM 2.0 firmware. Compliant with Common Criteria EAL4+, FIPS 140-2 level 2 and TCG requirements, this platform provides protection against physical and logical attacks and ensures platform integrity. The ST33-A embedded Secure Element (eSE) ensures security on-board in both telematics and gateways of the automotive system. It guarantees that user data and keys are stored securely and that communications are done in a secure way.

ST33 Automotive Connectivity Solutions

The ST33-A embedded SIM (eSIM), based on the GSMA SGP02 specification, is a scalable solution that makes possible to change over the air the network providers (profile) without impacting the eSIM itself. In this case, the connectivity solution is an interoperable and flexible solution. Now, OEMs can control their car network connectivity at anytime and anywhere. The ST33-A eSIM solution is perfectly designed for applications in extreme situation such as "emergency call" (eCall).

automotive TPM


  • TPM 2.0 services
  • User data and secure key storage
  • In-car communication security and integrity
automotive secure element

ST33-A Secure Element

  • User data and secure key storage
  • Communication security and integrity


automotive eSIM embedded SIM


  • Scalable connectivity with eSIM (GSMA M2M compliant)
  • Emergency call (eCall)
  • Automotive grade

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