Full range of STM32L4+ training courses available online

ST offers a full range of training courses in both ePresentation and PDF format for the STM32L4+ series of ultra-low-power MCUs.

Based on STM32L4 online modules, few modules have been added to cover the new extension of STM32L4+ features.

  • STM32L4Plus versus STM32L4 features
  • STM32L4Plus-Chrom-GRC (GFXMMU)
  • STM32L4Plus-Octo SPI interface & Octo SPI Master(SPI)
  • STM32L4Plus-Display Serial Interface Host (DSI Host)
  • STM32L4Plus-Discovery Board

Few modules have been updated related the new features embedded into STM32L4Plus.

  • STM32L4-System-Direct Memory Access (DMA & DMAMUX)
  • STM32L4Plus-Peripheral- LCD-TFT Controller (LTDC)



  Welcome session pdf
  STM32L4Plus Serie Presentation pdf
  STM32L4Plus versus STM32L4 features pdf


  ARM® Cortex®-M4 core with FPU pdf
  Interconnect matrix pdf
  System configuration (SYSCFG) pdf
  Reset and Clock Control pdf
  Power controller (PWR) pdf
  Direct Memory Access (DMA & DMAMUX) pdf
  Chrom-ART (DMA2D) pdf
  Chrom-GRC (GFXMMU) pdf
  Nested Vectored Interrupt Controller (NVIC) pdf
  Extended Interrupt/event controller (EXTI) pdf
  General Purpose Inputs/Outputs (GPIO) pdf
  Device Electronic Signature pdf
  Debug pdf


  Embedded Flash memory (FLASH) pdf
  Octo SPI interface & Octo SPI Master (OctoSPI) pdf
  Flexible Static Memory Controller (FSMC) pdf

Security & Safety

  Cyclic Redundancy Check calculation unit (CRC) pdf
  Firewall (FW) pdf
  Random Number Generator (RNG) pdf
  Memory Protection pdf
  Advanced Encryption Standard HW Accelerator (AES) pdf
  Safety pdf
  Hash processor (HASH) pdf


  Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) pdf
  Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) pdf
  Voltage Reference Buffer (VREFBUF) pdf
  Operational Amplifier (OPAMP) pdf
  Comparators (COMP) pdf

Communication & Peripherals

  Low-power universal asynchronous receiver transmitter (LPUART) pdf
  Universal synchronous/asynchronous receiver transmitter (USART) pdf
  Single wire protocol master interface (SWPMI) pdf
  Serial peripheral interface (SPI) pdf
  Universal serial bus on-the-go full-speed (OTG_FS) pdf
  Inter-integrated circuit interface (I2C) pdf
  Infra Red Timer (IRTIM) pdf
  Controller area network (CAN) pdf
  Secure Digital I/O and MultiMedia Cards (SDMMC) pdf
  Digital filter for Sigma-Delta Modulators (DFSDM) pdf
  Serial audio interfaces (SAI) pdf
  LCD-TFT Controller (LTDC) pdf
  Touch sensing controller (TSC) pdf
  Peripheral Digital Camera Interface (DCMI) pdf
  USB Full Speed Device interface (USB) pdf
  Display Serial Interface Host (DSI Host) pdf

Watchdogs & Timers

  Independent watchdog (IWDG) pdf
  System window watchdog (WWDG) pdf
  Low-power timer (LPTIM) pdf
  General-purpose timers (GPTIM) pdf
  Real-time clock (RTC) pdf


  CubeMX Tool pdf
  STM32L4Plus Discovery Board pdf
  Firmware drivers pdf

Next steps

  Closing session pdf