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STM32WB RF guidelines

STM32WB – RF guidelines MOOC

STM32WB – RF guidelines

Learn how to design your RF circuit within STM32WB based application



Highlighting important knowledge for correct RF design of application. Evaluation of meaning of the individual components in RF chain and simplifying it enough understood for beginners in this specific RF area.

Who should attend this course?

  • Engineers who want to deepen their knowledge of RF part design for STM32WB
  • Engineers who are looking for a more appropriate or alternative solution for their application
  • Engineers who are looking for an introduction to RF oriented design, all in one place

Benefits you will take away

  • Useful information for individual parts of the RF path. Possibilities of components selection, their proper implementation and way for verification of the design
  • General view to RF layout and consequences in case of improper design
  • Impact of the design to the RF system performance

Course outline

  • Overview of STM32WB RF part
  • Description of the RF system for STM32WB in terms of schematic and layout
  • Procedure for adapting components by RF approach
  • Talking over the important parameters of dielectric material, correct composition of layers, selecting proper transmission line
  • Proper positioning of antennas and other elements to each other
  • Practical component selection, RF track design tips for adjusting and maximizing the power transfer


There are no special prerequisites for this session.

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