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STM32WL – Hardware and RF guidelines

STM32WL – Hardware and RF guidelines

Learn some guidelines concerning hardware design of STM32WL based application



Highlighting main points related to components placement (decoupling capacitors, crystals, SMPS) and provides RF layout guidelines (like transmission lines, discontinuities, ground planes). Additionally basic information about RF measurements and STM32WL transmitter and receiver matching network rules are presented.

Who should attend this course?

  • Engineers looking for information about STM32WL layout guidelines
  • Engineers interested in RF measurement techniques
  • Engineers looking for guidelines concerning RF matching and filtering techniques

Benefits you will take away

  • Brief overview about STM32WL layout guidelines
  • Basic information about STM32WL transmitter and receiver matching network.s
  • References to other, more detailed sources

Course outline

  • Component placement (decoupling capacitors, HSE crystal, SMPS, etc.)
  • RF layout guidelines (transmission lines, discontinuities, ground planes, etc.)
  • References to other sources
  • Presentation of basic RF measurements
  • RF matching and filtering guidelines


There are no prerequisites for this session.