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STM32 security in practice

Security Part 4: STM32 security in practice MOOC

Security Part 4: STM32 security in practice

Learn basic information about STM32 secure firmware update



Understand the basic steps to create secure bootloader with authentication of the firmware.

Who should attend this course?

  • Engineers looking for practical knowledge about firmware confidentiality, integrity and authenticity
  • Engineers looking for step by step procedure to make secure bootloader

Benefits you will take away

  • This will allow you to understand main points related to secure firmware update
  • This is the necessary step to create own secure bootloader and understand SBSFU process

On line course concept

Course is provided in MOOC format with course material available online.

This course takes approximately 4 hours to complete, depending on your proficiency.

Course outline

  • Introduction
  • Addressing Firmware Confidentiality
  • Firmware confidentiality lab
  • Addressing Firmware Integrity
  • Firmware integrity lab
  • Addressing Firmware Authenticity
  • Firmware Authenticity lab
  • Secure bootloader introduction
  • Step1 – Create simple secure bootloader
  • Simple bootloader lab
  • Step2 – Trusting the secure bootloader
  • Immutable bootloader lab
  • Step3 – Authenticate target application from bootloader
  • Bootloader with authentication lab
  • Secure firmware update


Training materials

Training materials (slides, hands-on projects) can be downloaded from this link.