STM32 MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)

Motor Control MOOC Part 3: Troubleshooting and fine-tuning

MOOC Motor Control Part 3: Troubleshooting and fine-tuning 

Learn how to solve runtime issues and improve motor efficiency 

Focusing on fine-tuning motor control applications and the validation process, this online course demonstrates tips on how to adjust the PI (proportional-integral) controller to get the most out of your motor. This is the third part of a series of online courses designed to help developers get the most out of their Motor Control applications.

Who should attend this course?

  • Engineers looking to better understand and implement the validation process for motor control applications
  • Engineers looking for tips and tricks to improve their motor control designs
  • Engineers who wish to fine-tune their motor’s PI controller and increase efficiency

Benefits you will take away

  • Useful tips for solving runtime issues within BLDC motor control applications
  • Better understanding of PI regulators and how to fine-tune them for improved motor performance

On line course concept

  • Courses are provided in MOOC format with course material available online, mostly as videos complemented with exercises.
  • The course takes approximately 60 minutes to complete, depending on your proficiency.

Course outline

  • Overview of the validation process for motor control applications
  • Study of typical runtime issues and how to solve them
  • Practical tips on improving the efficiency of PI regulators