Stellar Integration MCUs

Stellar Integration MCUs

The complexity of new car architectures requires automotive microcontrollers to deliver higher capabilities than ever before. ST's Stellar Integration MCUs offer safe, secure and deterministic solutions for next-generation vehicle architectures, addressing domain controllers for drivetrain and electrification integration as well as zone controllers for integrating body and convenience applications.

Stellar Integration MCUs combine two series, based on the same backbone architecture, while tailored for/to their application domains to offer optimized and rational solutions to meet the needs for the next generation of vehicles:

- Designed to meet the demands of integrating the next generation of drivetrains, electrification solutions and domain-oriented systems, the Stellar P series delivers a new level of real-time performance, safety, and determinism.

- Addressing the key challenges of next-generation body integration and zone-oriented vehicle architectures, the Stellar G series ensures performance, safety and power efficiency combined with wide connectivity and high security.


Non-volatile Phase-Change Memory (PCM) supports safety by delivering single-bit overwrite capability and very effective Over-the-Air updates with no downtime


A technological breakthrough in automotive MCUs, Stellar Integration MCUs feature non-volatile Phase-Change Memory (PCM), offering fast read access times, and single-bit alterability that is not available in Flash memory.

Manufactured in 28nm FD-SOI technology, the embedded high-density PCM offers unrivalled capabilities for Over-The-Air (OTA) software updates with zero down time, even for full-sized memory updates, and a unique management of multiple firmware images, leading to sizeable memory savings. Moreover, FD-SOI technology has the advantage of ensuring better control of the system's power consumption for a more ecological footprint along with its inherent radiation immunity for improved reliability and availability of safety critical systems.

ST’s embedded-PCM technology has been developed and tested to operate within the most stringent automotive requirements for robust high-temperature operation, cycling and data retention. ePCM achieves automotive requirements for AEC-Q100 Grade 0 with an operating junction temperature up to +165°C.

Deterministic high-performance MCUs that can host multiple applications including virtualization of safety and security


Designed with scalable computing power to significantly simplify the concurrent and deterministic execution of multiple-sourced software while guaranteeing the highest levels of safety and performance, Stellar Integration MCUs introduce features that include a state-of-the-art processor with hardware support for virtualization, quality of service settings, and the ability to firewall peripherals, and perform resource separation at interconnect levels. This allows independent applications, or Virtual ECUs, to coexist in the same physical MCU by guaranteeing freedom from interference and secure compartmentalization of software functions while supporting concurrent multiple ASIL safety levels.

Moreover, Stellar MCUs offer superior security capabilities for encrypted and safe communication over ethernet or CAN with faster embedded Hardware Security Module (HSM) and dedicated AES-light cryptographic accelerators able to run ASIL D cryptographic functions.

In addition to a rich feature set including wide connectivity, Stellar MCUs offer robust routing capabilities addressing the architectural evolution with domain and zone controllers and meeting the high bandwidth requirements of tomorrow’s vehicles.


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