Linear Voltage Regulators

ST offers a wide range of voltage regulators intended for automotive applications.

Featuring a set of LDO voltage regulators with 5 V and up to 500 mA load-current capability, the L49 series in BCD4 technology guarantees a very low dropout voltage of 400/500 mV and low quiescent current. Embedding additional features such as reset, watchdog and enable pins, together with short-circuit and thermal protections, these LDO regulators are suitable to supply microprocessor systems in automotive applications.

Designed to meet stricter line disturbance and noise rejection requirements, the L5 series in BCD5 technology ensures accuracy is kept over wide temperature range, line and load variations. These low dropout linear regulators also come with an early warning circuit that monitors the input voltage and compares it with an internal voltage reference.

The L99VR0 series in BCD9 technology offers 8 fixed and configurable output voltages from 0.8 to 5V and up to 500 mA load-current capability. Able to operate both in post regulation, attached to a pre-regulated voltage, or directly connected to battery, certain devices in this series feature enable, reset, autonomous watchdog, advanced thermal warning, fast output discharge and IShort control functions.

These products are suitable for all the automotive applications  including power supplies in body modules, junction boxes, cluster instrumentation, sun roof, door moduleskeyless entry, and sensors.

Schematic diagram for an L5 series voltage regulator