Linear Voltage Regulators

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ST offers a wide range of voltage regulators intended for automotive applications.

Automotive voltage regulatorThe L49 series (also called the L49xx series) in BCD4 technology features a set of LDO voltage regulators with 5 V and up to 500 mA load-current capability. A PMOS-transistor pass element guarantees a very low dropout voltage of 400/500 mV and low quiescent current. The L49 series embeds additional features such as reset, watchdog and enable pins, together with short-circuit and thermal protection.

The L5 series (also called the L5xxx series) in BCD5 technology has been developed to meet stricter line disturbance and noise rejection requirements.

These products are suitable for all the automotive applications like power supplies in body modules, junction boxes, cluster instrumentation, sun roof, door modules and keyless entry.

Schematic diagram for an L5 series voltage regulator

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