Overcome wireless design complexity and costs with the STM32WB1M board​


Ready to get started on your Bluetooth® LE 5.4 project?

The new B-WB1M-WPAN1 development board brings you a fully open hardware platform for you to build Bluetooth® Low Energy applications in a flexible and cost-effective way. It enables you to easily tap into the power and efficiency of our STM32WB dual core MCU wireless module featuring a M4 for real time operations and M0+ for radio efficiency.

Key benefits

All-in-one hardware

Design and test with rich functionalities: MEMS sensors, LEDs, flexible power supply, and optional SMA connector.

Effortless BLE adoption

Integrate BLE connectivity to applications by using the STM32WB1MMC module, already certified and within the 10 years longevity program.

Open-source success

B-WB1M-WPAN1 supports IDEs like IAR Embedded Workbench®, MDK-ARM, STM32CubeIDE and online resources like ST Wiki and STM32CubeWB.

Key features

  • Certified Bluetooth® Low Energy 5.4
  • STM32WB15 MCU in a tiny WLSCP package
  • 32 MHz radio, 32 kHz RTC crystals
  • Internal antenna for optimized RF performance
  • Enables 2-layer PCBs
  • Dual core, 320 Kbytes flash memory, 48 Kbytes RAM
  • Ultra-low power architecture
  • Regional certifications: CE, FCC, ISED, JRF, RoHS, KC

Suitable for many applications

Medical devices

Consumer devices

Industrial devices

Get started with the STM32WB1M board


Explore the STM32WB1M board: No RF expertise needed

Get the most out of product, everything from basic setup to advanced programming. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting out, our demo guide and blog will help you unlock the full potential of the B-WB1M-WPAN1.

Discover the STM32WB1M module​


Power & cost-effective wireless module for your next device​

The STM32WB1MMC, that serves as the core IC of the board, is an ultra-low power, small form-factor, and certified 2.4 GHz wireless module. The module supports BLE 5.4, extends battery life with DCDC configuration and reduces system cost thanks to 2 layer PCB implementation.

Tools and software

Discover embedded software, tools, and developer resources for the STM32WB Series.​