Integrated door zone systems IC with enhanced power management features


Automotive door zone IC for the front door, but with "Front drives Rear" topology for controlling most of the typical loads required by the power trunk or tailgate applications

The L99DZ200G is an automotive Door Zone device with LIN and HS-CAN communication layers for driving dual configurable H-bridges. Up to 3 DC motors and 8 external MOS transistors (4 for each of the 2 H-bridges) in H-bridge configuration can be driven. In addition, 5 high-side drivers to supply LEDs, 2 high-side drivers to supply bulbs increase the system integration level. It supports physical communication layers as well as LIN and HS CAN and integrating 2 Voltage regulators for MCU supply. Standard SPI interface allows advanced control and diagnosis of the device and enables generic software development.

Key features of L99DZ200G

  • 7 configurable high-side drivers, 4 configurable half-bridges, and 2 H-bridge gate drivers
  • One 5V voltage regulator for the MCU supply and one 5V voltage tracker for a peripheral supply
  • HS-CAN and LIN transceivers
  • Generator mode for power trunk/tailgate applications
  • Protection and supervision features (current monitor, open-load and overcurrent, thermal warning and thermal shutdown, etc.)

Application examples

automotive Automotive body & convenience
automotive door module Door control modules
lighting Power trunk/tailgate
automotive seat module Seat module control

How to test & prototype with L99DZ200G


L99DZ200G Evaluation board for Front drives Rear door zone architecture

Automotive door zone IC with LIN and CAN providing dual H-bridge driving for rapid prototyping. Dedicated user-friendly software with a graphic user interface (GUI) available.

User-friendly graphic user interface (GUI) for L99DZ200G Evaluation board

Intuitive GUI lets designers monitor and control functions of the L99DZ200G door zone IC to help develop applications and improve time to market.


Power liftgate controller board based on L99DZ200G multioutput driver and SPC582B60E1 Chorus 1M microcontroller

The AEK-MOT-TK200G1 is designed as a zone controller for the power liftgate application. The two main devices hosted are the L99DZ200G automotive-grade multioutput driver and the SPC582B60E1 Chorus 1M automotive-grade microcontroller.

Designed to provide ECUs with enhanced power management functions, the L99DZ200G features two H-bridges for driving two distinct applications.

pdf flyer l99dz200g
pdf brochure automotive door zone

Discover next-generation Automotive Door Zone System ICs offering innovative solutions to boost power efficiency and enable tomorrow's car electrification.

webinar single-chip Door Zone IC

Learn about our single-chip Door Zone IC with enhanced power management functions and able to control up to three DC motors

  • Overview of the automotive door zone concept
  • Advantages and key features of the L99DZ200G door zone IC
  • Understanding how the L99DZ200G addresses the Front drives Rear topology
  • Design considerations when integrating the L99DZ200G in Trunk & Tailgate architectures

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