Whitepaper > How LED Technology is bringing more meaning to Automotive Design

In recent years, the incandescent bulb has slowly moved into retirement around the entire vehicle’s lighting system. Halogen headlights have been giving way to HID Xenon solutions, while some manufacturers have also integrated LEDs and even lasers in their implementations.

These changes have reduced power consumption while also improving driver visibility, making them feel safer on the road. Indicator lamps and the rear light clusters have also felt the impact, with LEDs fully replacing the older, filament-based light bulbs. 

Let's take a look inside a light cluster to understand LED lighting implementations, and explore ways to more easily control LED strings to the exacting standards demanded by automotive manufacturers.


  • Adapting to new technologies and trends
  • Integrating and controlling LEDs for automotive applications
  • Driving strings of LEDs
  • An automotive qualified LED lighting solution
  • Integration into the E/E architecture

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