Buck Converter for USB-C

Programmable Buck Converter for USB-C Power Delivery applications


Flexible DC-DC step-down switching regulator designed for USB-C PD applications

A programmable synchronous buck converter, the STPD01 provides the voltages required by USB PD 3.0 specifications up to 60 W output power (20 V, 3 A).

Embedding numerous protections, this flexible device can dynamically set different output voltage and current limitation levels and includes a programmable watchdog for improved robustness and safety.

Key features

  • Input voltage range: 6.0 to 26.4 V
  • Internal power MOS synch rectification
  • Internal compensation
  • I2C bus controlled
  • Output voltage settings: 3 to 20 V with 20 mV (min.) steps
  • Embedded discharge function
  • Two programmable switching frequencies with optional clock dithering

Application examples

ac adapters AC adapters
usb hubs USB hubs
pc monitors PC monitors
smart tv Smart TV
usb pd power distribution USB-PD power distribution

Recommended resources

steval 2stpd01

Based on the STPD01 programmable buck converter, this board embeds an entry-level STM32G07 microcontroller supported by a dedicated firmware stack to implement a USB Type-C and PD dual port source adapter with power sharing capability.

stsw 2stpd01

Ready-to-use software package contains the application, source code, and libraries designed to demonstrate the capabilities of the USB Type-C™ Power Delivery dual port adapter kit (STEVAL-2STPD01).

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