As a world leading supplier of wireless power solutions, ST wireless battery charger ICs cover all major standards and technologies across a complete transmitter and receiver chipset portfolio.

Qi certified wireless power solutions from 1W up to 100W

Our advanced wireless battery charging solutions currently feature in mid- to high-power applications such as fast charging smartphones, wearables, hearables, medical applications, and industrial tools.

Our solutions are optimized for different applications and are compliant with Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) Qi and other major wireless charging standards.

ST wireless power solutions enable faster high-power charging and better user experience. Critical safety features ensure protection for the end user, while breakthrough innovations like ARC mode help our customers build excellent market solutions involving wireless power.



The innovative ST Super Charge (STSC) protocol enables fast charging up to 100 W.


Key features

  • Qi Wireless Charging
    • Qi standard compliance ensures a consistent, safe, and simple user experience with other Qi certified products
  • Foreign Object Detection (FOD)
    • FOD provides detection accuracy and helps avoid overheating during charging
  • Spatial Freedom
    • Proprietary adaptive rectifier configuration (ARC) mode enhances the detection distance by up to 50% in all directions
  • Fast Charging
    • Extended power profile (EPP) speeds up charging time by up to three times
  • High Efficiency
    • Excellent energy efficiency with built-in power management
  • Protection Features
    • Protections include on-chip thermal management, and overvoltage and overcurrent protection to prevent overheating
  • Reverse Charging Mode
    • Receivers can operate as a wireless transmitter without any change in hardware design
  • Sustainable Solution
    • Charging sockets take space and allow water and dust to enter devices; eliminating them therefore extends product life
  • Reduced BOM Count
    • Simplifying wireless power transmitter systems with less discrete components.
  • Communication interfaces
    • Inbuilt I²C, UART, SPI, and GPIO interfaces simplify parameter configuration.

Longevity Commitment

Most of ST’s wireless power ICs come with our 7-year longevity commitment.





15W Qi-Compliant Wireless Power Receiver Solution

An integrated Wireless Power Receiver, the STWLC38 is designed to support Qi 1.3 specifications for inductive communication protocols supporting the 5W Baseline Power Profile and 15W Extended Power Profile. Its ultra-small form factor makes it suitable for a wide range of wireless power solutions from personal to industrial applications such as smartphones, wearables, fitness trackers, hearables, asset tracking devices, medical and healthcare equipment.

The highly efficient chip offers a host of features including Adaptive Rectifier Configuration (ARC) mode for enhanced spatial freedom and an embedded 32-Kbyte RRAM for programming flexibility as well as on-chip thermal management and protection features.

70 W Qi-compliant wireless power receiver solution

The STWLC98 is a highly integrated wireless power receiver suitable for applications delivering an output power up to 70 W. The chip has been designed to support Qi specifications 1.3 for inductive communication protocol with Extended Power Profile (EPP) and proprietary ST Super Charge (STSC) protocol for fast charging.

With an integrated low-loss synchronous rectifier and low drop-out linear regulator, the STWLC98 achieves high efficiency with low power dissipation.



5 W Qi compatible Wireless Power Transmitter Solution

The STWBC86 is a highly integrated monolithic wireless power transmitter that is Qi compatible for up to 5 W applications. It integrates a high-efficiency, low impedance full-bridge inverter and drivers, which ensures low power dissipation and low BOM.

The STWBC86 with embedded nonvolatile memory (NVM) enables designers to host advanced features and allows protocol evolution.

Application examples


Personal Electronics

Earbuds and headsets (TWS), smartphones, tablets and eReaders, wearables.

Medical and Healthcare

Ultrasound imaging, patient monitoring, drug delivery.

Industrial Application

Industrial tools, metering, pool cleaners, home robots.


Turnkey solutions: end-to-end efficiency


Wireless Charger Receivers

Qi-compliant wireless charging ICs with higher efficiency, enhanced safety for wide range of applications.

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Wireless Charger Transmitters

Qi-compliant transmitter ensures fast and stable single / multi-coil wireless charging for applications from 2.5 W to 100 W.

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Qi compliant wireless charging power receivers and transmitters

ST offers the industry’s widest wireless charging portfolio from 1W to 100W that is fully compliant with the Wireless Power Consortium Qi specification. We deliver best-in-class efficiency, safety, enhanced spatial freedom and design-in support for customized solutions combining our proprietary hardware technology, software algorithms and ST Super Charge.

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Qi-Compliant Wireless Power Solutions

ST wireless power ICs cover all major standards and technologies across a complete portfolio of transmitter and receiver chipsets. Our Qi-compliant solutions from 1 W to 100 W are optimized for different applications with breakthrough innovations such as ARC mode, and ST SuperCharge protocol to enable faster high-power charging and better user experience.