STM32WB Series

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Dual-core, multiprotocol wireless STM32WB microcontrollers, supporting Bluetooth ® Low Energy, Zigbee®, Thread ®, and Matter connectivity

Based on an Arm® Cortex®‐M4 core running at 64 MHz (application processor) and an Arm® Cortex®‐M0+ core at 32 MHz (network processor), the STM32WB wireless microcontroller is a self-sufficient solution. It embeds connectivity features and a general-purpose microcontroller in a single System-on-Chip (SoC).

Bluetooth® Low Energy

IEEE 802.15.4 standards: Zigbee and Thread

  • IEEE 802.15.4 MAC layer: allows designers to implement any proprietary protocols.
  • Zigbee (Zigbee PRO 2017): STM32WB supports all Zigbee network topologies with optimized footprints. Zigbee RFD and FFD deliveries cover end-device, coordinator, and router roles.
  • OpenThread: this technology is covered with all MTD, FTD, and border router deliveries. It addresses sleepy end-devices (SED), routers, and leader roles, thereby also enabling gateway infrastructures.

Several certified configurations are available to provide more design freedom (size and OTA capabilities), enabling platform optimization.


Supported by the STM32WB MCU, Matter is an application layer, which aims at making smart home devices interoperable.

An open-source standard, Matter ensures seamless interactions between connected devices across different IP technologies. It is available in the Matter GitHub.

In a Matter network, Bluetooth® Low Energy is used to commission devices. It runs in a dynamic concurrent mode with the Thread protocol.

Multiple protocols running on the same MCU

The STM32WB multiprotocol MCUs can run Bluetooth® Low Energy 5.4 together with 802.15.4 wireless protocols, Zigbee, or OpenThread protocols in concurrent modes.

This enables more convenient device management during installation and configuration, and significantly improves overall user experience.

Product types:

The wireless STM32WB MCUs are based on two independent cores. They bring more efficiency for the real-time execution of radio stacks and reduce power consumption.

The STM32WB MCU series provides the same digital and analog peripherals as the ultra-low power STM32L4 MCUs. They can address battery-powered devices and complex applications.

  • The STM32WBx5 line embeds connectivity features, including a crystal-less USB 2.0 FS interface, a quad SPI, audio support, an LCD driver, touch sensing functionalities. It also brings up to 72 GPIOs, an integrated switched-mode power supply (SMPS) to optimize power consumption, and multiple low-power modes to maximize battery life. STM32WBx5 microcontrollers can address multiple applications, from industrial to consumer.
  • The STM32WBx0 Value Line enables entry-level solutions. It features an optimized peripheral set with a reduced temperature range.
  • The STM32WBxM certified module embeds an STM32WBx5 MCU and its full reference design, in a smart LGA package. It is fully certified for all protocols and is EMC-compliant for a wide geographical coverage. The module's adjustable pinout configuration provides flexibility to manufacturers, since they can choose to use the basic feature set to lower the manufacturing costs of entry-level devices. Alternatively, they can opt for the full pinout for high-end devices.

This product portfolio of 2.4 GHz wireless STM32 MCUs provides integrated solutions from product definition to the prototyping phase, up to the final platform definition.

Security & ID

STM32WB microcontrollers embed security features, which reduce device maintenance needs and ensure that end devices are trustable and cannot be cloned.

STM32WB microcontrollers come with crypto IP, such as 256-bit AES hardware encryption, PCROP read/write protection, JTAG fuse, and public-key cryptography with an elliptic curve encryption engine. The firmware upgrade services (FUS) ensure secured wireless stack updates, encryption key management and code protection.

The customer key storage (CKS) feature ensures application code and IP protection.

Development ecosystem

The STM32WB55 Nucleo pack, STM32WB Nucleo boards and STM32WB discovery board combined with the STM32Cube ecosystem offer hardware and software tools to easily start developing your application.

NUCLEO-WB5 boards allow you to explore different product configurations and a wide range of wireless applications.

The B-WB1M-WPAN1 connectivity expansion board embeds the STM32WB1M module, along with suitable peripherals for IoT applications such as sensors and accelerometers, and provides flexible power-supply options.

The STM32WB5MM-DK discovery board embeds the STM32WB5M module in addition to suitable peripherals for IoT applications, such as touch sensing, external flash memory, or audio chain.

Fully integrated in the market-proven STM32Cube ecosystem, the STM32WB evaluation boards come with a comprehensive set of embedded software resources and development tools.

    STM32CubeWB MCU package
  • HAL and LL peripheral drivers
  • a full set of middleware and radio stacks (Bluetooth® Low Energy 5.4, OpenThread, and Zigbee)
  • various preconfigured software examples for several popular IDEs, such as Keil® MDK-Arm and IAR Systems.
  • The STM32CubeMX MCU initialization, configuration, and code generation tool
  • The STM32CubeMonRF software tool to test, monitor, and validate RF performance for all protocols.

STM32WB evaluation boards feature an on-board debugger that lets users develop and test applications based on existing examples. They also come with many internal power supply options, including the STLINK USB connector and a long-lasting battery cell. Developers can also power the boards using external sources.

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  • Streamline your design using an integrated solution, combining connectivity features and a wireless application MCU processor
  • Create innovative devices leveraging Bluetooth® Low Energy 5.4 technology
  • Extend far-end communication ranges thanks to an output power of over 10dBm
  • Increase battery life with the advertising extension for device communication
  • Ensure fast and reliable data transfers
  • Boost application efficiency (407 CoreMark score)
  • Protect your IP and privacy (SESIP3 certification targets)
  • Accelerate your time-to-market thanks to the market-proven STM32Cube ecosystem
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