BLDC Motor – 6-step control 

Permanent Magnet BrushLess DC motors (BLDC) at a glance:

  • Require alternating stator current (idem PMSM)
  • Stator is three phase windings (idem PMSM)
  • Rotor houses permanent magnets unusually glued on the surface à Surface Mounted (SM)  (idem PMSM)
  • Stator excitation frequency is synchronous with rotor electrical speed (idem PMSM)
  • Rotor spinning induced trapezoidal shaped Back Electro-Motive Force (Bemf)
  • Gives best performances (torque steadiness) when driven by rectangular-shaped currents

Firmware solutions

STM8 solution

  • STSW-STM8020: STM8S and STM8A BLDC and ACIM motor control firmware library: it allows the user to evaluate the STM8 performance in controlling trapezoidal BLDC motor and in driving V/F control AC induction motors.

    Control firmware library builder

  • GUI: STM8S motor control firmware library builder


  • UM0708: STM8Sxxx Three-phase BLDC motor control software library V1.0
  • UM0712: STM8S Three-phase AC induction motor control software library V1.0
  • RN0027: STM8S motor control firmware library package release 1.0
  • DN0005: A three phase induction motor drive using a V/F control
  • AN1946: Sensorless BLDC Motor Control and BEMF sampling methods with ST7MC (valid for other MCUs)

STM32 solutions

Hardware boards

3-Phase motor (Main evaluation boards)




Control Type

ST Main Parts

Application focus

Complete drive



Up to 35W

BLDC/Six step

  • 1x L6234
  • 1x STM32F051C6
  • 1x L78L33ACD

Pumps, security systems, ATMs.

Expansion board (for STM32 Nucleo)


Up to 48V, 1.4Arms

Up to 40W 

FOC/Six step

  • 1x L6230
  • 1x BAT30KFILM
  • 1xTSV994IPT

Three-phase brushless DC motor driver expansion board based on L6230 for STM32 Nucleo


Up to 48V, 15Arms

Up to 200W 

Six step

  • 3x L6398
  • 6x STL220N6F7

Three-phase brushless DC motor driver expansion board based on 3x gate driver and 6x MOSFET for STM32 Nucleo


- -

Motor control connector adapter

  • Not silicon devices

Allow connection of STM32 Nucleo boards with any ST motor control power boards

Link to other evaluation boards

Other collaterals


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