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ST's operational amplifier portfolio provides a unique choice of high performance, low power, precision op-amps and tiny packages. It addresses voltages from 1.5 V to 44 V and operating temperatures from -40 to 150 °C.

Why you should choose ST Op-Amps

st op amps
  • Largest micropower op-amp portfolio on the market, with consumption as low as 600 nA
  • High volume supplier of highly reliable standard and high-performance op-amps
  • Space-saving packages, such as CSP, DFN, QFN, SOT-23 and SC-70

Free Webinar
Op-Amps: Precision in small signal amplification

Get instant access for free to our recorded webinar (50 minutes), covering:

  • Operational amplifier basics
  • The key op-amp parameters affecting precision
  • Zero-Drift vs. standard precision amplifiers - pros and cons
  • ST operational amplifier product line and featured products
  • Other key op-amp parameters

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Wide range of operational amplifiers

Discover our ever-increasing range of op-amps designed to the challenging industrial, automotive and consumer markets.

10 year longevity program
  • Low power op-amps

    Operational amplifiers with exceptionally low current consumption, enabling longer battery life and designed for a large diversity of applications.

  • Precision op-amps

    ST's precision op-amp solutions include zero drift amplifiers and amplifiers with a low offset drift over temperature. They are a perfect fit for use with any sensor, including gas, temperature, pressure and position sensors.

  • Low input bias current op-amps

    Our portfolio is a perfect fit for any transimpedance usage or when dealing with high impedance sensors.

  • Rail-to-rail op-amps

    Our rail-to-rail operational amplifier portfolio includes several series covering different voltage ranges, as well as many possible combinations of power consumption and gain bandwidth.

  • High voltage op-amps

    Featuring an extended supply voltage range from 2.7 up to 36 V, our high-voltage series simplify the design of a wide variety of automotive and industrial applications: filters, power supply and motor control, actuator driving, hall effect sensors and resistive transducers.

  • High speed op-amps

    ST offers a portfolio of high-end, high-speed operational amplifiers.

For Automotive applications

automotive op amps

Discover our automotive-grade op-amp portfolio featuring extreme reliability and quality demanded by automotive applications.

See all Automotive op-amps

PDF - Quick Reference Guide

Download this very practical PDF resource covering:

  • How do I pick the right op-amp for an application?
  • Typical op-amp applications and key parameters
  • Step-by-step op-amp selection using the ST Op Amps App
  • ST's op-amp naming convention
  • Glossary
op amp pdf guide

ST's op-amp series at a glance

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